Does the public really know how well trained and educated Nurse Practitioners really are? Here are some details about our medical industry super hero’s! Nurse Practitioners are medical professionals with a master’s degree in nursing. Nurse Practitioners are highly trained, they are qualified to preform many duties commonly associated with physicians. Nurse Practitioners assess patients, order test, diagnose the patient and prescribe medication and treatment. Many Nurse Practitioners have a specialty, such as family medicine, woman’s health, pediatrics, transgender medicine and mental health. Nurse Practitioners have been on the front lines of COVID-19 and the current Delta variant crisis. Today’s Nurse Practitioner is one of the most educated and multi-talented individuals in the industry! Primary Procedures is proud to support Nurse Practitioner’s and all Medical Professionals! We are AANP Approved! Providing quality CE small workshops around the country for all Practitioners!

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