Debbie is a Nurse Practitioner at Midwest Express Clinic in Munster IN. She attended Bethel University in St. Paul Minnesota, where she obtained a degree in Philosophy and Art. After working in a French Restaurant she ended up going back to school to become a nurse, her soul searching lead her down this path. After receiving her nursing degree she became a missionary and headed to Central Africa! Debbie remained there for 14 years, she loved her rewarding work even though it was hard. It was in Africa where she met her former husband, she decided to come back to the US after becoming pregnant, she thought it was best to be in the United States, Debbie has three daughters, after her divorce she stayed in the US and worked as a nurse in obstetrics, in Illinois. She decided in her 50s to go back to school and became a Nurse Practitioner! She received a Master of Nursing degree from Simmons University in Boston. Debbie eventually found the right job, after being interviewed with Midwest Express Clinics she went to work for the owner, she has been with them for over 3 years and stated her job is never boring and “I have great colleagues”. During the pandemic she was furloughed for a while out of concern for her age, during this time she began telehealth calls, which worked out well, being able to accommodate the public. Debbie retuned to the clinic this past May and continues to see patients. Some of the good things that have come out of Covid-19 (not counting the high price of lost lives) is “people are slowing down their pace and re-evaluating their family and friends and time spent together” See Debbie’s full story on the link below.

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