Many don’t know what a Nurse Practitioner is! US News recently published an article that examines this question. Let’s look at what they said about NP’s! Additional school and training allows these Professionals to perform physical exams, order labs and analyze lab results. Nurse Practitioners are a specialized group of Providers that play a very important role in todays Healthcare system! NP’s obtain specialized training to become vital in providing high level care to patients! Todays NP earns a median annual income of over $107,000 or more! Todays NP’s obtain a considerable amount of continuing education to provide them with procedures skills that help them become the Best Provider in todays Primary and Urgent care environment! Here at Primary Procedures, takes pride in providing not only NP’s, but our Physician Assistant colleagues as well as other Healthcare Providers with hands on quality workshops at Nationwide locations! We focus on using quality products and smaller class sizes to ensure you have the best training you can obtain! We hope you will join us soon at one of our locations!

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