Rural America is struggling with surges in COVID-19 which is made worst by the nationwide shortage of Primary Healthcare Providers.  Nurse Practitioner also have the issues of limited  practice by various states, allowing Nurse practitioners expanded ability to practice at the top of their profession will expand care in rural areas, this is critical during the COVID-19 pandemic and could provide more qualified Practitioners in rural America.  As winter approaches in the united states COVID-19 is skyrocketing in Rural America, according to AANPs surveys, 60% of Nurse practitioners are testing, diagnosing and treating Covid-19 patients, Nurse Practitioners are on the front lines in Rural America, every day they are putting the health and well-being of their patients ahead of their own.  Today their is a need more than ever for Practitioners in Rural America as baby boomers are aging and becoming one of the largest patient populations in rural America!

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