Nurse Practitioner News!  Jaines Andrades a true success story! She worked her way up at Bayside medical Center, this Massachusetts woman had dreamed of being a Nurse Practitioner, 10 years ago she was a Custodian at the same location, but today her dream of being an NP is real!  Reflecting on her career Jaines stated that having such diverse experiences at Springfield Medical has kept her humble!   Dreams do come true!  Her hard work and dedication has truly paid off!  Congrats Jaines!  NPs everywhere welcome your dedication!  Jaines is an example of hard work and dedication which is a common trait in todays Practitioner!  Our diverse and dedicated Nurse practitioners are on the front lines of our on going pandemic and we at Primary Procedures applaud the success of all Medical Providers.  Practitioners hard work and sacrifice in todays challenging environment is certainly appreciated!  Primary Procedures offers online CE courses in the comfort of your own home or in a social distancing small in person workshop!  Our popular Procedures and Skills course are available at various nationwide locations!  Our goal is to provide courses for all Practitioners that includes personalized training.  Our instructors are dedicated to provide the best learning experience through up-to-date content and interactions with participants for a quality workshop.  We provide quality products for you to train on and the latest in Smart Model Injection technology!  Flexibility for your training schedule is what were about!  We have many workshop locations across the country and allow you to transfer your course location and date should a change be needed in your schedule!

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Nurse Practitioner Success story