Recently a Kansas state Senate bill to retire collaboration protocols, for NPs after 4,000 hours of service survives deadline.  Senate bill 174 was referred to the Kansas committee on federal & state affairs.  The billis waiting further consideration by the state of Kansas.

In Mississippi the Senate missed a deadline for House bill 1303. This bill would have ended the requirement for Nurse Practitioners to retain career-long mandated legal contract agreement with a physician.

In Oklahoma, House bill 2009 was passed.  This would authorize Advanced Practice Registered Nurses to complete and sign the medical certification of death.

Texas News!  House bill 2029 as introduced would eliminate the requirement for an Advanced practice registered Nurse to have a delegation agreement with a physician.  This bill would allow a Nurse practitioner to prescribe and order Schedule II-V controlled substances.  Prescribing Schedule II contr4olled substances would be subject to the same requirements as current existing law.

Virginia bill signed by Governor Northam!

A House bill was signed by Governor Northam into law on February 25th, which authorizes Nurse practitioners with more than two years of clinical experience to practice without a written practice agreement until July 1st, 2022.

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