The current COVID-19 environment brings up the question, should laws and regulations pertaining to Nurse Practitioners and the need for a collaborative physician agreement in many states be reduced or eliminated?  In todays pandemic reality regulations prohibiting Nurse Practitioner from practicing independently is a growing problem, making it difficult for Nurse Practitioners to find work or volunteer in hard hit areas of the US impacted by the COVID-19 virus.  In the US more than half of the states allow “Full or Reduced Practice” licensure laws for Nurse Practitioners to engage in one or more elements of NP practice. There are only a few states with “Restricted Practice” including California and Texas which requires career-long supervision by another Healthcare Provider.  The success of “Full Practice”  in many states has shown that NP’s provide an urgent need for qualified Practitioners in todays Healthcare system, especially now given the current COVID-19 pandemic!! Portions of this article published by  April 2020.  (article link below)