Recently AANP published an article on the creativity Los Angeles county used to help recruit Providers for there correctional health services department which was experiencing a shortage. The film “Spotlighting Social Justice Medicine” went on to win the 71st Los Angeles Area Emmy under the category “Information Segment”. AANP’s article went on to speak about the challenges LA county is experiencing being the busiest inmate reception center in the country. Providers are such an important part of our Healthcare system and the demand Nationwide is Growing! The fact that this film was produced to recruit Providers is proof that creative methods are being used to reach out to qualified NP’s and PA’s in order to fill the void. Primary Procedures is on the cutting edge of CME, providing Practitioners Nationwide convenient locations to assist YOU the Provider in becoming the best Practitioner in the Industry! We take Pride in providing Skills and Procedures using the latest Synthetic Models and up-to-date training in a relaxed hands-on environment! Register today for one of our Nationwide interactive workshops and see the impact a smaller, personized group setting will have on your learning experience!